Yinspiration Chinese Medicine & Hip Anatomy

Yinspiration is proud to be the first in the yin community to create a standalone comprehensive Chinese Medicine module. This program was co-written with the ex-Vice Principal of the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the first yin training program to model after the curriculum taught in the TCM universities in China. This signature module has been attended by hundreds of yin yoga teachers/trainers around the world and many yin trainers have adapted their current trainings after our curriculum.

This comprehensive training is designed in accordance with the requirements for registration with Yoga Alliance USA. Upon graduation, students may apply directly with Yoga Alliance USA for “YACEP” status or accumulate these hours towards Yinspiration’s 300hrs certification.

“The Yin YTT was more than I was hoping for. I have learned so much about myself and my body in such a short time. I understand my own limitations and my potential. Fran is an amazing, knowledgeable teacher and has helped me plenty in such a short time!”

— Sepi, participant of the 60h Training with Franziska in 2020

Training Curriculum

chinese medicine

  • Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • History of TCM
  • Yin Yang Philosophy
  • The 3 Treasures (JIng, Qi, Shen)
  • The Four Vital Substances (Jing, Qi, Blood, Body Fluids)
  • TCM Visceral
  • Merdian Theory, location, functions, dysfunction
  • Meridian Circuit Flow
  • Meridian Clock
  • Merdian Tracing and Palpation
  • Merdian Tapping and Massage
  • Hand and Foot Meridian Points
  • The Five Element Theory
  • Relationship of the Meridians and The Five Elements
  • Guasha Technique
  • TCM Lifestyle, Diet and Maintance
  • Energy Routine

Anatomy of Yoga (Hip)

  • Anatomy 101 (Hip)
  • Physiology & Kinesology (Hip)
  • Skelatal Variations (Hip)
  • Functional Anatomy Lap
  • Analysis of Yin Yoga Poses (Hip)

Yin Yoga

  • Yin Yoga Theory and Practice
  • Analysis of Classic YIn Poses
  • Prop Usage and Modifications
  • Safety in Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga Sequencing
  • How to Teach Functional Yin Yoga
  • Incorporating Meridian Theory into Yin Yoga


This training is suitable for anyone who is interested to learn more or to teach Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine. No prior experience  or pre-reading is required. But for those pursuing their 300 hours certification, a minimum of one year yin yoga experience is required.


Upon completion of 100% attendance in live zoom classes, homework assignments and viewing of all recordings, students will be awarded the Yinspiration 60 hours certification which can be applied towards their continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance USA and this certificate will be eligible for the Yinspiration 300 hours certification.

Tuition & Registration

1180 Euro

You receive

47 hours Zoom Live Classes

Life Time Access to All Zoom Recordings

11 hours Prerecorded Classes

Over 100+ Pages Yinspiration Manual

The Book of Yin by Jo Phee

Yinspiration Goodie Bag

60h Yinspiration Certificate Eligable for the 300h Yinspiration Certificate Recognized by Yoga Alliance

Intimate Group Size to Ask All Your Questions

“Fran Gottschlich is an amazing teacher and you can tell that she’s living what she teaches.”

— Valerie, participant in the 60h Yin Training in 2020