Fran is a full time Yinspiration Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer who teaches the Chinese Medicine and Myofascial Release modules created by Jo Phee.

Fran was introduced to Yin Yoga in 2014 and experienced such strong healing in her first class that the seed was planted. She embarked on her journey to learn more about Yin Yoga and become a teacher.

In 2015 she graduated from her 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali under the instruction of Jo Phee, her future mentor, and Joe Barnett. In 2017 she started assisting Jo Phee in her 60 hours modules and the 200 hour teacher training, becoming one of her senior assistants and Yinspiration Trainer.

Fran has more than 15 years of yoga practice experience. Since graduating she has taught hundreds of public classes all over the world and managed over 30 retreats in Europe, as both the lead teacher and the manager.

Her interest in teaching and studying yoga intensified through her own personal decade-long struggle with anxiety and her desire to understand the body – mind connection, and how crucial this understanding is in creating a joyful life.

Fran’s classes are influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fascia science, energy work and mindfulness practice; it is her intention to teach tools that empower the student in their own healing journey.

Personal experience is the strongest teacher and Fran’s knowledge is continually growing this way, as well as through ongoing observation of and assistance to Jo Phee, Fran has found a strong influence and guide in her own work.

-When we learn how to deal with ourselves and be the living example we truly are of benefit for the ones around us-

Fran continued her studies with Sarah Powers in 2016 and attended her first human cadaver dissection with Jo Phee and Antonio Stecco in 2019 at the world famous Plastinarium in Guben, Germany. In addition, she also attended the very first Biotensegrity Practical Symposium in Vancouver.

Fran mainly resides in Berlin,Germany, and in Spain on the Canary Islands.