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Fran Gottschlich

Butterfly Pose


How do I feel right now?

Became one of my most asked questions to myself.

I strongly believe we are the creator of our own life experience. We have all the tools to live a happy and joyful life. In my experience it is really little depended on our circumstances but so much more on our internal self talk, the believes we have about us and others.

So often the body mind communication is disrupted and with it the energy flow.

Yin Yoga can be a tool to enter a soft connection between body and mind again.

The practice not only gives you a huge amount of ease and relaxation in your body and mind.

It also has positive effects on your personal life and habits; it truly becomes a transformational experience.

The key is to become aware of your point of attention because that is your point of attraction – what are you attracting in your life?

I offer

everything you need from; classes to workshops to trainings

  • Yinspiration teacher trainings in person and online
  • Online Yin Yoga classes with myofascial release and acupressure combinations
  • Workshops to build trust and finally say good bye to anxiety/ panic / stress
  • 1:1 classes

→ Join me in my

coming classes, workshops & trainings

Yinspiration Training in Berlin/ September

13.09. – 19.09 (english)

I love the vibe of an in person training, we all come together into the yin bubble for 7 days and study.

The myofascial release, Myo Yin & Spine Anatomy training is on of the most thought after modules of Yinspiration. It has begeistert hundreds of students and we are proud to bring back into the studio in Berlin.

Yinspiration Training Chinese Medicine & Hip Anatomy in Kiel

25.09. – 01.10. (auf deutsch)

I can not count the number of people who’s live changed when they started to study about Chinese medicine since no health conditions is excluded from the meridian system. You kind of feel empowered to really create a change with your practice and dietary.

Myo Yin meets Acu Yin classes

from July 26 *

3 special classes sequenced around the meridian flow clock witch the special focus on acupressure points.

We cover a lot of points for wellbeing which you can press by yourself daily to maintain health.

*2 months recording

Myo Yin classes Theme: Deep Roll


from August 31 over 5 weeks

deep, intensive rolling and yin practice into specific muscles groups over and over again to really create a change is waiting for you.

Yinspiration Training

Online Chinese Medicine & Hip Anatomy 1


starting in November

Yinspiration Training

Online Myofascial Release, Myo Yin & Spine Anatomy training

Jan/Feb 2023

Soon more information


I’ve said to you, I love your sweet voice and the way you hold the space , so nourishing 🌈
Besides, I’ve learned new things , The neurolymphatic reflex points …so interesting and the energetic exercises … feeling so good! Thanks 


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